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Less code. Simply simple

Phone verification through Fonlinks is very simple. Integrate our API in your platform and start verifying your users through phone numbers (SMS/ Calls). Our system does everything itself, generate the code, localize, use the fastest channel, and fall back if and when needed.

Build your assets

Verify your customers and get the verified data of your customers. By keeping track of your user’s activity you can then send promotions or individual offers to your users and then build a base of another business with your customers.

Non-stop processes

Are you concerned about a lot of requests at a time for user verification? If 100000 users are trying to verify on your website, it will be done right away without any delays or any failure. So, you can integrate Fonlinks with bigger apps. We don’t care about the size of your application.

Fonlinks Offers a Wide Range of Features

We don’t care how bigger your application is. You get all features we offer.

  • Prevent bulk registration

    Verify unique phone numbers to prevent bots, spammers, and card testers more effectively than captchas or email verification.

  • Password reset

    Securely reset passwords by confirming users’ ownership of their phone number. Resolve speedily and eliminate help desk costs.

  • More security

    Combine phone numbers with unique mobile device IDs to detect SIM swaps. Automatically logout users after set time and enforce re-authentication.

  • Verify with just one call

    Save design and development resources with a customizable UI that is pre-integrated with verification workflows and has log-in management across devices.

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